TikTok Marketing Agency Services

TikTok Ads & Vertical Video Content eCommerce Companies Who Want To Advertise on TikTok

  • Use the strategies used by top DTC brands to get sales on TikTok
  • Get content made by influencers specifically for your TikTok ad campaigns
  • Have an experienced account manager on top of your TikTok ad campaigns

Why Invest In TikTok Ads?

Reach Gen Z and Millennials Right Where They Are

Take Advantage of The Fastest Growing Social Media Platform

Diversify from Facebook, Instagram, and Google Advertising

TikTok Marketing Agency: How Does It Work?

Our approach is a simple, content-first strategy that focuses on getting the right content to the right audience. Here’s how it works.
First, we assess your business to come up with a solid TikTok marketing strategy. We look at your offer, who you sell to, what social media platforms they tend to use, what they’re interested in, and what your competitors are doing on the platform.
Then, we take that strategy and find the right influencers to help create effective and persuasive content for both advertisements and your own TikTok profile. We look for influencers who have the right look, the right content, and the right style to represent your brand.

We then take the content they create, edit them into effective advertisements, and run ads to a wider group of people that are relevant to your business.

Advertising on TikTok is a key part of this strategy, as this is how we’re able to get you a bigger reach than influencers can alone. Best of all, TikTok’s average CPCs and CPMs are still very low.
Want to learn more about how this strategy can work for you? Schedule a 30 minute strategy session with Senshi Social to learn how a TikTok marketing agency can help your business grow!

What Companies Are Crushing It On TikTok?

Apparel, Jewelry & Accessories

Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care

Pets, Animals, & Other Hobbies

The Kind Of Content We Make

How Does Senshi Social Win With TikTok Ads?

Get content made by charismatic influencers in your niche

Find your target audience on TikTok, no matter who or where they are

Test, see what content works to grow sales, and scale up!

We'll Even Manage Your Ad Account For You

We want to help you move into the era of vertical video, content personalization, and user-generated content selling as smoothly as possible.

Don’t waste your company’s precious time on trying to figure out TikTok ads when we’ve been doing it since the platform opened.

We believe content is king, so that’s where we focus. However, we’ll run your ad accounts for you, too, so you can simply sit back and watch your customer base grow.

FAQs about TikTok Advertising

We first come up with a relevant TikTok strategy. Then we find influencers who fit the strategy; that is, influencers in your niche who create excellent sponsored content. From there, we broker deals to get them to create content for you. Content is included with all monthly fees.

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Our prices vary depending on client’s needs, including content needs, ad spend, and what kind of other services they want. Our clients’ budgets start at $2,000 per month. To get an accurate quote, you will need to schedule a strategy session (which will only take 30 minutes).

TikTok influencer marketing works by getting content creators to promote your products or services to their followings. Done correctly, they’re paid to give their own honest opinion about your product or service and, if it impresses them, they will give it a positive review.

Getting influencers to promote your product is not easy, as it requires sifting through thousands of different content creators, negotiating deals with them or their agents, and giving them guides on how to create good content for your brand. This is time-consuming and, if done wrong, can make your brand look worse than before.

What we do is make this process easy for you by taking care of the difficult things.

Absolutely, if you ask for it! However, your success with organic TikTok will also depend on your own content creation capabilities. If you need a large volume of content to support your TikTok organic efforts, we will be able to help you out.

We don’t know of averages, but our experiments have shown that clicks can range from $.20 to $.60 USD per click. CPMs, though, have a much wider range in our experience, with some clients paying only $2 CPM and others paying upwards of $21 CPM. Every client is different, however, and depending on your niche, you may find that your CPCs or CPMs are higher or lower.