Reddit Advertising

Reddit is also called the “front page of the Internet”, and for good reason. Millions of people check Reddit every day to keep themselves up-to-date with news, community posts, and interesting things happening all over the Internet.

Reddit also has ad advertising platform which has gotten much more attention in recent years. It can be quite confusing to work with, though, so many companies opt to work with a Reddit advertising agency.

But before you decide to work with a digital marketing Reddit advertising agency, you need to know what Reddit is, how Reddit ads work, and why businesses use Reddit for advertising.

Facts About Reddit Ads

  • Over 200 million registered members
  • Over 100,000 interest-based communities
  • 7th largest website in the US
  • Over 8 billion pageviews a month on average

What Do Reddit Ads Look Like?

Reddit ads appear on both the desktop and mobile site and show up as “promoted” posts. Below you can see a real-world example of Reddit advertising:

reddit ads hellofresh

Why Choose Reddit For Advertising?

Reddit is a place where advertisers can post their ads in specific communities called subreddits. These subreddits usually rally around a single common interest, and most Reddit registered users are subscribers of several different subreddits at once. Because of this, advertisers are able to decide the kinds of groups they want to advertise to. They are also able to take the community into consideration when making ad creative, which can give the ad a more personal touch.

Reddit can also play a big role in B2B marketing strategies, particularly when promoting your product to the end user.

How Do You Target The Right People On Reddit?

Reddit has several options for targeting, and depending on your marketing strategy, you may decide to choose one over the other. One way to do it is by selecting categories of users that Reddit has determined are interested in specific topics. Another more granular way is to target people by community, or subreddit. There is no right or wrong way to target people in general, you should just use the targeting that makes sense for your business. A more niche business may benefit from subreddit targeting, but businesses who sell to larger markets might want to use categories to make it simpler.

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How Much Do Reddit Ads Cost?

Reddit’s ad platform uses an auction system, similar to Facebook and Google. Advertisers place bids for ad space and depending on the results of the auction, you may have your ad shown. Reddit advertisers may choose one of two ways to be charged: CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mille, or cost per 1000 impressions).

The average Reddit advertising cost depends on several factors, including your bid, your ad’s effectiveness, and the subreddits you are targeting. Some subreddits are more expensive to advertise to than others.