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Reach your target audience on the two biggest social media networks on Earth. With some of the best targeting options available and a history of turning small shops into billion-dollar businesses, Facebook and Instagram are still the kings of paid social advertising.

Work with an agency whose leaders have over 9 years of experience of growing businesses profitably on these platforms.

Grow Your Business With Facebook Ads

In 2007, Facebook launched its advertising platform with the goal of being able to target users based on what they’re interested in. This promised to create the most targeted advertising on the Internet, giving power to marketers to decide who they want to sell to. In these days, the only ads were on the right-hand column of the website, relatively out of view and super cheap to buy.

Four years later, in 2011, they released “Sponsored Stories”, allowing advertisers to buy space directly on the Facebook News Feed. From here, everything changed. Once Facebook decided to put ads on their mobile app, the ad platforms exploded.

Advertisers everywhere realized that they could target their exact audience on a place where people were already spending most of their day. They also realized they could run budgets as low as $5 per day, allowing anyone to start advertising, no matter how small their business.

The growth of Facebook ads as a sales channel made thousands of regular, everyday people into millionaires. It turned businesses with a local reach into worldwode powerhouses.

Later in the decade, Facebook purchased Instagram and integrated Instagram as a placement in the Facebook ads manager. Now people could buy Instagram ads through the same methods that they used to buy Facebook ads.

Since 2007, a lot has changed. However, the basic fundamentals have stayed the same. People are still spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. Businesses are still able to target people with certain interests. You can still use lookalike audiences to find people who are exactly like your customers.

Why Use Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Find Exactly Who You're Looking For

Target People Down The Funnel

Scale To Enormous Heights

Why Choose Senshi Social?

Senshi Social was started by a professional media buyer who started back in 2012 on Google and Facebook. After managing spends of over $800,000 per month for a consumer goods company, and after helping several agencies scale over a dozen client accounts, he decided to perfect the agency model, solving many of the problems that Facebook ads agencies have.

What we do differently:

We don’t pass off our ad accounts onto freelancers. Many agencies simply sell their work to the lowest bidder and charge a huge premium on top, paying huge salaries for the CEOs.

We only work with businesses that we know we can help. Many agencies rely on “burn and churn” tactics to try and get as many clients as possible. They can never make guarantees, so they keep the original fee despite doing nothing (or worse than nothing) for their clients. For this reason, they end up making money off their failures.

We treat your money like it’s our money. We love your business and we want to see you succeed. For this reason, we don’t take stupid risks in order to try and build attractive case studies for ourselves.

Justin Then, Founder & CEO of Senshi Social

Over $10 Million in Budget Managed!

Case Study: How This Skincare Company 5x Their Revenue

Soosul came to us looking for a way to grow in North America. We helped them scale from less than $10,000 per month in revenue to over $53,000 in monthly revenue in only a few quarters.

FAQs about Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our goal is to make working with marketing agencies as low risk as possible. For this reason, we offer a money back guarantee in certain situations.

If we don’t do what we promised to do, your company is eligible for a full refund.

We don’t lock anyone into contracts and we do everything month to month.

However, we cannot refund ad budget.

First, we do a strategy audit to figure out what you will be offering, how we’ll be structuring the ads funnel, and who we want to target.

Then, we decide on a budget. Since our goal is to scale, we want to set goals that will help determine when we want to turn up the budget so that we can get your business more sales.

Yes! Our first clients were agencies, and we are very happy to help other agencies provide excellent services to their clients. To learn more about white label services, schedule a consultation and tell us that you represent an agency. Our pricing is competitive.

Facebook ads are great because you don’t need very big budgets to do well with them. Some advertisers can start with budgets as low as $5 per day. We recommend starting with a budget of $20 per day.

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